Young Entrepreneurs for Leadership and Change

A Word To Parents


We are concerned about the health and safety of the Young Entrepreneurs for Leadership & Sustainability Summer Program participants. We make a strong effort to ensure the safety and wellbeing of students both while they are on campus and while they are in the community, including:

-Selecting excellent, skilled staff members. The Young Entrepreneurs for Leadership & Sustainability Summer Program staff includes high achieving, well-trained, motivated leaders who who have experience and interest in entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, and community service. We have hired the most qualified instructors, program coordinators, and resident assistants (RAs) to staff the program. We are also fortunate to have a team of outstanding volunteers including distinguished faculty and staff of UF's Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, special guest speakers, and talented UF alumni mentors.

-Partnering with respected local community agencies and organizations for the community service placements. Each community partner has been approved by UF's Center for Leadership & Service and has a strong reputation. Students will be given an orientation educating them about potential risks that may exist while volunteering and precautions they can take to minimize this risk to the greatest extent possible.

-Providing appropriate supervision. While students are ultimately responsible for their own conduct, our administrative, instructional, and residential staff all work together to provide clear guidelines and reasonable supervision. The student to RA ratio is 7:1. Students are not permitted to leave campus unsupervised.

Medical Care

Accepted students are required to submit a set of medical forms, including verification of medical insurance coverage and immunization records. Students who become ill or injured will be taken to a local immediate or emergency care center for treatment.

Students with Disabilities

If your student needs accommodations for a learning, physical, medical, dietary, or mental health issue, you must contact notify us as soon as possible so that we can arrange for appropriate accommodations to be provided. Documentation must include the diagnosis of the disability, specific functional limitations for both academic and residential settings, and recommended accommodations.