Young Entrepreneurs for Leadership and Change

Program Highlights

Students will have the opportunity to take two college-level courses:

  • GEB4930 - Exploring Entrepreneurship
  • SYG2010 - Social Problems & Solutions
  • and will complete 75 hours of community service (meeting the requirement for Bright Futures Scholarships or for the service portion of IB CAS hours). Additionally, we have planned a plethora of exciting activities and events to integrate the academic learning with engaging and interactive experiences outside of class.

    Students will participate in evening programs, including a Speaker Series (featuring notable leaders in the fields of entrepreneurship & social entrepreneurship), a Mentor program (where students are paired with both undergraduate students pursuing a minor in Entrepreneurship or Organizational Leadership for Nonprofits and adult Entrepreneurs and Social Entrepreneurs), the New Heroes Film Series, visits to an Entrepreneurship Incubator, and many others. The program will culminate with an awards banquet on the final evening, recognizing the students for their leadership and entrepreneurial spirit.

    Upon successful completion of the courses, students may earn 6 credits of dual-enrollment credit (for students attending public schools in Florida counties or private schools with UF articulation agreements). This credit can be counted as elective credit towards a bachelorís degree at public universities or colleges in the State of Florida or transferred to most other four-year colleges. Students who are not eligible to receive academic credit (those who are from out of state or who attend schools without articulation agreements in Florida) or who choose not to enroll for credit will receive a statement of completion which can be appended to high school transcripts.